Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Quick Prayer Request

I ended up getting terribly sick this week and spent the last two days in bed... but this morning, I dragged myself out of the house to go have breakfast (or at least eat a few bites of breakfast) with several of my dearest girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. It was wonderful! I was in pain and struggled a lot with light-headedness, but I cherished our time of fellowship together. What a blessing it is to have friends like that who understand your heart and still love you through thick and thin!

Afterwards, I had to head down to St. Luke's to get my post-chemo blood work done. At this point, this has become a mundane task for me. Today, however, it turned out to be anything but normal. By the time I was back in the Poconos, I had gotten a call from the Infusion Center telling me that I had to come back to get my blood drawn again. My hemoglobin levels came back critically low. They suspect that an error may have occurred, like saline getting into the tube diluting my blood, but they can't be sure. With how sick I was this week and how bad I'm still feeling, I'm hesitant to believe that it was all just an error.

So, tomorrow morning, I head back down to St. Luke's to have blood drawn again. If my hemoglobin is as low as it showed in my labs today, I will have to get a transfusion. If not, I'll be sent home to continue recovering for the next week before treatment #5.

Please pray that my hemoglobin levels come back alright tomorrow and I don't need a transfusion! While you're at it, you can also pray that I continue to regain my strength after being so sick. I'm really tired of not feeling well and am just eager to get back to life as usual before my next treatment. Thank you!

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