Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Half-Way Mark

Three chemo treatments down... three more to go...

Now that I've made it to the half-way mark, I had a PET/CT scan done to see exactly how I'm progressing. Today, I got the results and what great results they were!

Here's the breakdown:

- There is still cancer in my pelvic lymph nodes, but there is no sign of cancer in my right kidney anymore.
- Some of the spots in my lungs have completely disappeared. What is left has shrunken significantly.
- The cancer in my pelvic region has also shrunken significantly.
- In addition to the cancer shrinking, the cancer that remains is also being affected by the chemo. It's not showing up on the scan as strongly as it originally did in my first scan and it's not actively growing.
- When the doctor did his physical exam, he said that he could tell that what had spread in my reproductive organs has shrunken significantly. He also said that this is the first time that he feels like he should be able to remove all the cancer in my pelvic region once we get to the surgery stage... if I keep progressing this well through the remainder of my chemotherapy.
- Overall, my doctor said that he's very pleased with my progress... and I'm only half-way through my treatments!

Isn't that wonderful? God is so good! I may not have gotten my prayers answered exactly the way I was hoping, but all this is certainly good news and I got additional good news that I wasn't expecting! Plus, knowing that the treatments have been this effective so far certainly makes it a little easier to face my next three treatments.

Thank you so much for your prayers and please... keep them coming!


  1. Go Girl!!! We are praying for an effective second half of treatments. Stay strong... Stay healthy...
    Bob and Karen

  2. Hi Heather GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Praise God! So happy for you. Fantastic, blessed news.

  4. First of all, as soon as I saw "Go Girl!!!" I knew it was Pastor McGann. Gotta love that man. Second, we all love you and we are trusting in God to give you a full recovery. He has definitely shown his work through you already and will continue to do so always. As Pastor said, Stay strong and healthy!

  5. Our God is a great God....His plans for you are for good are His good and faithful servant. Stay strong and know the prayers will continue.
    love ya kiddo-Donna H.