Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Development

I'm writing from the hospital because there has been some misinformation going out about what has developed in my disease and prognosis over this week and I would like to clarify the matter directly.

During the holidays, I began to develop some significant headaches. After coming into the hospital for my regularly scheduled radiation on Monday, I was sent to the ER and given a CAT Scan to try to determine the cause of my headaches. That scan showed signs of metastatic disease in my brain, which means that the uterine cancer I was originally diagnosed with has spread into my head. This, obviously, is very bad news. This isn't a bump in the road. It's a major and very unexpected glitch in my journey. I was so close to finishing radiation and looking forward to remission... and now, yet again, we are realizing just how very aggressive my cancer is. It is rare for uterine cancer to spread beyond the pelvic area and mine has. It is even more rare that it would spread into the brain and mine has. I cannot deny that this is a very serious turn for the worse.

My gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Silver has made it clear that the average oncologist that he could consult to look at my case would determine based on statistics alone that I likely only have a few months to live. HOWEVER, Dr. Silver has been my primary doctor from the beginning of my treatment and does not believe this to be the case. Already, I have faced several obstacles in my diagnosis and treatment that I should not have been able to overcome. Yet, here I stand. Dr. Silver is hopeful that because of my young age and good health we have reason to expect that I will be able to continue on with an aggressive treatment plan.

For now, the plan is for me to continue on to finish pelvic radiation as planned and as of this week, I have begun full head radiation as well. Our goal remains the same... to try to get me into remission. Haiti is now completely out of the picture for me, however, as I cannot take a break in my now-continued radiation treatments.

I greatly appreciate your continued prayers and expressions of love through this difficult time. We serve a great God who still has a purpose and plan in all of this!


  1. i will continue to pray for you, heather...that God would continue to bless you with His awesome strength and healing power! you are such an amazing example of focusing on the Who and not the Why. thank you for sharing your journey with us... we love you!

  2. Oh Heather, I really don't know what to say. I will absolutely positively continue to pray for you. You have been through so much. Now you have to find that little bit of strength you have and overcome this obstacle. I know you can do it!! We are all here for you if you need ANYTHING!! Stay strong my friend......((((love and hugs)))))

  3. Heather I will continue to pray for you and lift you up to the LORD. Psalm 23

  4. I, too, am at a loss for words. I don't understand why you have this challenge. This world needs you to be out of bed, in the face of teenagers and changing their lives for God. But I sit in my anger and know that God is awesome and everything works for His glory. I wish I could help you with this fight and be by your side but I can pray and in prayer is strength. I know it works and I will continue to pray for your comfort and Dr. Silver's wisdom. I know you probably are tired but please don't give up. You have so much more to do...
    love ya and praying for you.
    Donna Hartman

  5. I am so sorry to hear this news, but also know that we do indeed serve an amazing God with perfect plans for our lives and the ability and power to do more that we can ask or imagine. You are daily in my prayers and I hope we have the honor of spending some time with you again soon.

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  7. God is with you. God is carrying you through each day. I truly believe this. One day at a time. One moment at a time. KEEP YOUR SPIRIT fed with Jesus. You are an AMAZING inspiration. Thank You for that.

    A Stranger Looking On,

  8. Hi Heather ~ you don't know me but I am also battling cancer right now. I have ovarian cancer and it has metastisized to my lymph nodes in my neck. I will be starting radiation treatments next week. My doctor told me that based on statistics I will not survive this disease either. Definately not the words you want to hear from a doctor as you know. The next day a wise friend told me "only God knows when we will take our final breath and no doctor can predict when that day will be". I knew that but I needed to hear it again. God has a plan for both of us and we are not a stastic! I think half of our battle is what we believe in our mind - stay positive! You are showing many people how God's strength carries us when we are completely weak.